Milestone Achieved For Graffiti Issues in city of Toronto: Police & City Officials Team Up For Fresh #stART

  City of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan | Toronto Police Training Seminar April 3, 2012View more presentations from Scott Mills. City of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan 2012 - Presentation Slides of Jodi Callam and Gus Michaels at Toronto Police Service Graffiti Training Seminar Thank you to Sergeant Branko Novinc, Staff Sergeant Steve Pipe of the Divisional Policing Support Unit , Jodi Callan and Kristina Hausmanis of city of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan , Steve Ferrara of community building art specialists Well And Good and all the police officers, by-law officers and city staffers who attended the training session for the new Graffiti Management Programs for both Toronto Police Service and the city of Toronto at the Toronto Police College on Tuesday April 3, 2012. In one simple thought, I can honestly say that we have made huge progress in what matters for both property owners, stakeholders and the graffiti arts community. There is no doubt that everyone wants to stop graffiti vandalism. The positive part of this seminar was that a distinction was made between graffiti vandalism and graffiti art, and not just in words. The Toronto Police Service's Graffiti Eradication Program was renamed [...]