Canadian Police Association #CPAAGM Social Media For Success & Safety

Claus Redder Madsen of Danish Police Union Addressed Delegates At Canadian Police Association Annual General Meeting in Quebec City, Canada September 7, 2012 About Learning, Sharing & Staying Safe Locally and Globally For Police Officers Claus Redder Madsen, Union Secretary of The Police Union in Denmark and The Nordic Police Union had a key message of safety and best practices for police officers in Quebec City, Quebec Canada Friday September 7, 2012. He spoke about a mass shooting on a island north of Oslo Norway and police response as well as a bombing incident. Watch an archived Google #hangoutsonair video of his presentation by clicking here: Constable Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service and Crime Stoppers International did a talk on social media and the need for Police Associations to engage in the use of social media with purpose and process to achieve a payoff and potential for community success and safety relating specifically to Police Associations and protecting those who protect others. Watch an archived version of how to intall a Leave a Tip Tab for Facebook Pages with Crime Stoppers USA Chairman Scott Abrams, and Scott Mills of Crime Stoppers International that was recorded during the [...]