Crime Stoppers Social Media “Making A Difference ~ Generating Success” & Safety #ThinkGlobal #ActLocal @CSIWorld

by Scott Mills Crime Stoppers USA are on the map for using social media for community success and safety after great conference April 27, 2012 in Wisconsin. It was an honour today to be able to present about social media for success and safety at the Wisconsin Crime Stoppers Conference in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin at Great Wolf Lodge. Some amazing positive outcomes happened for social media for success and safety worldwide to help stop, solve and PREVENT crime together. Themes of "think global" and "act local" were discussed at length with the audience by a number of presenters including Judge Richard Carter and Dave Perlman, Assistant Attorney General Training And Standards Bureau Wisconsin Department of Justice. A Google Hangout was part of my presentation thanks to the collaborative work of community volunteers Mike Downes in United Kingdom, Jeff Brown in Truro, Nova Scotia, Rob Cairns in Toronto, Canada, and cops Paddy LeGrand and Henk Twit from The Netherlands. We are speaking together after the conference sessions today learning how to use wordpress for our websites for Crime Stoppers programs. Talking with Catherine Mariscal of the Waukesha County Crime Stoppers program [...]