Social Media & Homicides: Boston’s CraigsList Killer Cops “Get Human”

Social media platforms allow homicide investigators to humanize their public appeals for information, as well as share with the world their experiences to prevent crimes. Combining social media communications and investigations will be a challenge for our future. Boston Police Homicide Unit investigators, Sergeant Detective Daniel Duff and Lieutenant Detective Robert Merner are telling their story of the CraigsList Killer case to help prevent and solve crime worldwide. The modern homicide detective needs social media tools for communications and investigations and, after hearing Daniel Duff and Robert Merner speak about the CraigsList Killer case in detail on two occasions, I am convinced that their story could very well educate a potential victim on how predators like Philip Markoff work, and could prevent women from being victimized in the future. Colonel Henry Francis Williams Junior, aka "Hank Williams" would be proud if he were still alive. I doubt Colonel Williams envisioned homicide cops being so open and transparent when he was sworn in as a New York State Trooper on April 16, 1951. Watch live streaming video from lawscomm at On September 21, 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting the lead investigators of the Craigs [...]