“The Experience of Understanding Everything” Ceara, Zar & Illy “How Kids Connect 3.0” #YiPi

"Our Future" Illy, Zarnain & Ceara Thanks for your leadership & smiles @YouthInPolicing #YiPi 2012 15yr old Ceara Wooller-Johnson has taught me a lot about life the past 8 weeks! Ceara was assigned to be my summer student in Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications in my role as "Social Media Officer". The program she was working in is called the Youth In Policing Initiative, and employed 157 students this summer aged 14-17. I have seen Ceara mature into an amazing human being, and the life skills she acquired that will get her a job in the future are hopefully what she, and her family expected!. Two other "YiPi"s who really influenced me were "Zar" and "Illy" who were assigned to the Duty Desk at Toronto Police HQ. The key point I want to make as a cop writing this blog, is that I learned more from Ceara, Zar and Illy than they learned from me as a cop! They most likely don't realize how much they have taught me, and don't realize that I will carry their life lessons with me every day carrying out my duties. Before I knew these kids well, I was honored to do [...]