How To Protect Yourself Against Cyberbullying

Pro Tip: To get something removed from Google search try to contact the source to have the post removed from the Internet, then submit the dead 404 link to Google at this link. It is not as easy as it sounds. If you are still needing help you may need to seek out professional help. Hopefully this blog will give you some tips on how to do that. There is professional help available to to help remove cyberbullying posts online. Thanks to the staff at Guaranteed Removals for the advice for success and safety online in this blog post With the growth of social media’s use and popularity, there has also been a growth in reported cyber-bullying and online harassment. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be the main social networks used to keep in touch with friends, but they are also the most popular sites used for cyber-bullying 1. An estimated one in five Canadian Internet users age 15 to 29 reported having been cyber-bullied or cyber stalked. (Source: 2017 The Anti-Bullying survey) 2 . It’s just not young adults who are being victimized. Adults can also become targets, as 40% of adult Internet users in the United [...]

#RealTimeCrisis Vision For 24/7 Professional Support In Social Media To Stop Cyberbullying & Prevent Suicide

Toronto Street Nurse Anne Marie Batten informally meets Toronto Police Chief William Blair Wednesday November 20, 2013 in the lobby of Toronto Police HQ and chat about the potential of Real Time Crisis Intervention, a not for profit corporation that Anne Marie has started to use social media tools to save and improve lives "Saving & Improving Lives" Real Time Crisis Intervention is a not for profit company started in 2013 by a Toronto based street nurse named Anne Marie Batten with the goal of 24/7 professional crisis intervention using social media tools to reduce 911 police/ambulance calls for service & visits to Emergency Depts at hospitals for mental health related crisis Each time there is a major government announcement about "Cyberbullying" I must admit, I get a little 'worked up'. For ten years now, a number of people have been advocating for a relationships & technology strategy to improve and save lives using social media tools. I must admit, that I am one of those people, all along in my role as a police officer. We have heard every excuse why it won't work, from legal liability reasons to professionals not wanting to have any [...]

Anti-intimidation ~ Atelier de l’Ecole elementaire catholique Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys Markham 14mai2013

Presentation de les enseignants aux parents: Joignez-nous sur le "Hangout On Air" Pour voir tous les photos pousser ici Apres le presentation on va ajouter plus d'information ici. Presentation de Scott Mills (en anglais) Social Media For Success And Safety By Scott Mills from Scott Mills Le Droit au Sujet des sites de resautage au Canada (en anglais par l'l'avocat Eric Roher) Social Media And The Law In Canada by Lawyer Eric Roher from Scott Mills Facebook Privacy Setting Info