#HamOnt Crowd Funded Journalist @JoeyColeman Earns Trust of Community & Cops Using @LiveStream In Real Time

by Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer Crime Stoppers Social Media Adviser Joey Coleman is a crowdfunded journalist in Hamilton, Ontario and is forging a future based on the trust of the community , police & emergency responders Joey Coleman uses a Sony HXR-NX70U waterproof camera and a @LiveStream Procaster to update the public from official police & fire sources on emerging events in Hamilton, Ontario Every police & emergency service, no matter how big or how small, needs to have a plan & human resources in place for real time reporting of incidents in 2013, as well as real time analyzing/processing of information coming in on the case in social media. Staff Sergeant Matt Kavanagh of the Hamilton Police Service Homicide Unit stated publicly during the Tim Bosma case that social media was important and an officer had been dedicated to monitoring social media for the investigation. Staff Sergeant Matt Kavanagh of the Hamilton Police Service Homicide Unit stated publicly during the Tim Bosma homicide investigation that social media was important and an officer had been dedicated to monitoring social media for the investigation. Many more community members, police [...]

D’Arcy McGee School Parent Involvement Evening Fosters Digital Citizenship Says Organizer @SuzyBatista

There were many smiles & positive relationships built at the D'Arcy McGee Parent Involvement Evening May 16, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. Pictured left to right Nadia Fordham @NativeAdvocate Constable Scott Mills @GraffitiBMXCop Arys Dejan @Only1Arys of Leave Out Violence, Principal Thomas Banic & CSAC organizer Suzy Batista @SuzyBatista There are so many success stories in Toronto that don't get media attention. D'Arcy McGee school Parent Involvement Night is one of them! The School Resource Officers of 13 Division Toronto Police Service "Officer Terri and Officer Meaghan" along with school principal Thomas Bonic in collaboration with the leadership of the school's parent council led by parent Suzy Batista learned about many topics at their annual Parent Involvement Evening on May 16, 2012 at the school. Topics like how to stop online bullying, to how to manage an emergency in their school, who to go to with a concern of a the well being of a fellow student..how to Leave Out Violence, and staying clear of gangs were all discussed over fresh fruit, pizza, water and 50 parents, students, staff and police officers. The following is a thank you letter sent to Staff Sergeant Michael Matic of 13 Division after [...]

Appeal To Help Dutch Police @PolitieUtrecht Find Missing Children Julian & Ruben van der Schuit @JulianRubenNL

Help Find Missing Dutch Children Julian and Ruben van der Schuit | Info Tweet Police in The Netherlands @PolitieUtrecht or call +31 900 8844 or call M Foundation (Netherlands Crime Stoppers) +31 800 7000 Anonymous tips can be submitted to Crime Stoppers worldwide: Missing Dutch Children Julian and Ruben van der Schuit Last Seen May 6, 2013 in The Netherands Ruben and Julian van der Schuit have been missing since the 6th of May 2013 around 8.15 p.m. The last time they were seen, they were accompanied by their father (Jeroen Denis), who has been found dead in the forest nearby Doorn, Netherlands. It is believed by police that their father committed suicide. The children have not been found. The hope is that they are still alive and police can locate them safely as soon as possible Through an international network of law enforcement professionals and dedicated community volunteers facilitated by Crime Stoppers International, Dutch police officers using social media @HenkTwit and @GreetSacri have collaborated with Crime Stoppers International to get this information translated into English and posted here. It is hoped that the info can be shared from this wordpress site in the English language [...]

Anti-intimidation ~ Atelier de l’Ecole elementaire catholique Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys Markham 14mai2013

Presentation de les enseignants aux parents: Joignez-nous sur le "Hangout On Air" Pour voir tous les photos pousser ici Apres le presentation on va ajouter plus d'information ici. Presentation de Scott Mills (en anglais) Social Media For Success And Safety By Scott Mills from Scott Mills Le Droit au Sujet des sites de resautage au Canada (en anglais par l'l'avocat Eric Roher) Social Media And The Law In Canada by Lawyer Eric Roher from Scott Mills Facebook Privacy Setting Info

Police Associations “Social Media To Protect Those Who Protect Others”

Toronto Police Association Board of Directors 2013 "We Protect Those Who Protect Others" "Living The Dream" is often a response by police officers when they greet colleagues and are asked "How Are You today" The state of now for me in "living the dream" is being a full time social media officer for the Toronto Police Service, an unforeseen turn in walking the beat on the street to walking the beat in the virtual world. The reality is I need those that protect those who protect others to walk the virtual beat with me! On Tuesday March 26, 2013 I was honoured to spend a day of my current "parental leave" (aka "Living The Real Dream"), talking with great people from the administration staff at Toronto Police Association . Ironically, this meeting was a day before the "not criminally responsible" verdict in the murder trial of Richard Kachkar, a man charged with murder after a Toronto Police officer, my friend Sergeant Ryan Russell died in the line of duty 2 years ago. Since Mike McCormack became president of the Toronto Police Association, I, in my capacity as a TPA member, along with my role at Toronto Police Service [...]

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Who Killed Edwin Villan Sept 17, 2012 at Martingrove & Westway in Toronto? Know? Call cop Pauline Gray 416-808-7412

Vehicle of interest in Edwin Villan Toronto Homicide. If you have information please contact Detective Sergeant Pauline Gray of the Toronto Police Service Homicide Squad Toronto Police Homicide officers Detective Sergeant Pauline Gray and Detective Scott Purches need witnesses to come forward to help them solve the Septemer 17, 2012 murder of 33yr old Edwin Villan in the area of Martingrove Rd and Westway in Toronto. If you know anything call Detective Sergeant Pauline Gray 416-808-7412 or e-mail her directly at Pauline.Gray@TorontoPolice.on.ca On Monday March 4, 2013 Det/Sgt Gray and Det Purches hosted a press conference at 23 Division Toronto Police Service. Watch the archived live stream video of the press conference done by Constable Scott Mills of the Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Unit. Click here for the official press release from the Toronto Police Service Homicide Squad A photo of a vehicle of interest, a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder, black with very distinctive wheels was also released. Tweets were made about this appeal here: Det/Sgt Gray to update Edwin Villan homicide March 4 2013 12pmat 23Div 5230 Finch Ave W TPS.to/25832 Watch Youtube.com/TorontoPolice— Homicide Squad (@TPSHomicide) March 4, 2013 Who Killed Edwin Villan Sun Sept16, 2012 at [...]

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“It’s About The Conversation, Not The Quality” Hangouts #HO & Hangouts On Air #HOA Audio & Camera Gear That Works For Cheap

Mike Downes Is A Valuable Google Plus Hangouts On Air Specialist Live Streaming Using Google Plus Hangouts On Air Is "About The Conversation" Google Plus Hangouts On Air has made reaching people with timely and effective messages face to face very quick and efficient if you have some simple gear, and a willingness to learn. Getting good quality video and audio when the opportunity presents itself is the key. I will add to this post periodically with little tips of information that will help the average person accomplish their hangout and hangout on air goals. Many people have helped me with improving the quality of video and audio. Thanks the everyone. Mike Downes from England has helped me in a timely and effective way many times. Two co-workers have significantly contributed to everyday improvements Kevin Masterman, the Toronto Police Service Media And Communications Coordinator and our Toronto Police Service webmaster, who doesn't wish to be identified, but who I will call "Dr. Gru" as I continue to update! Lastly, it was very much an honour to meet a legend with Hangouts & Hangouts On Air Loren Groves. Loren's key message is "Hangouts are about the conversation, [...]

Les médias sociaux pour le succès et la sécurité * L’intimidation et l’Internet

Les médias sociaux pour le succès et la sécurité 17 janvier 2013à l'école Sainte-Madeleine Toronto Relations et la technologie pour sauver des vies Réussite, la sécurité, les relations et la technologie pour sauver des vies dans une école et milieu communautaire a fait l'objet de trois présentations parents en soirée dans la langue française délivrée par les médias sociaux Officer agent Scott Mills, de la police de Toronto Corporate Communications (ainsi que du bénévolat social Conseiller Médias pour Échec au crime international) à Toronto françaises école élémentaire école Ste Madeleine jeudi Janvier 17, 2012. Trois présentations de 30 minutes ont été faites en tant que parents rotation entre deux autres conférenciers invités pour la soirée. Des tentatives ont été faites pour les présentations live stream en utilisant Google Plus Hangouts sur la technologie #HangOutsOnAir pour faciliter le partage et la compréhension de l'information présentée. Deux présentations ont été enregistrées et sont inclus ici pour référence. Merci à tous les co-présentateurs, les parents, le personnel scolaire et du personnel de police de Toronto qui ont collaboré pour faire de cette soirée agréable et instructive pour tous. Video 1/2 (Les sites de réseaux sociaux pour la gestion des [...]

What Allen Gardens Aboriginal Themed Toronto Mural Means To Nadia Fordham

Entitled “All My Relations”, the mural beautifies the temporary wooden fencing surrounding the main construction site for the Gerrard Watermain Replacement Project in Allan Gardens and will be in place for three and a half years until project completion. The size of two football fields, this artwork is a visual representation of First Nations life and culture in Toronto. Led by nationally recognized, award winning artists, Tannis Nielsen and Philip Cote, more than 20 artists from the First Nations community have come together to design and paint the mural. Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27, Toronto Centre Rosedale) was joined Nov9/2012 by First Nations artists and representatives from First Nations organizations in unveiling one of the largest outdoor murals in Canada, on the construction fencing around the water main construction project site in Allan Gardens. ( (access through Gerrard Street East between Sherbourne and Jarvis) "All My Relations" Allen Gardens mural photo by Nadia Fordham                                                       Editor's Note (Scott Mills) : The following is written by Nadia Fordham, a [...]

Community Gets Boost From Concerned Youth Through Graffiti Art @MyMacs @magicfinngaw @CopsAndKidsca @1800222tips

Graffiti Community Building Supported By Toronto Crime Stoppers @1800222tips & ProAction Cops And Kids @CopsAndKidsca at 2012 Graffiti Art Mural Unveiling in Rexdale, the northwest part of Toronto in the 23 Division Police Area Graffiti Artist Wong @magicfinngaw joined by @Flow935 & Toronto Crime Stoppers @1800222tips ProAction Cops & Kids @CopsAndKidsca & 23 Division @TorontoPolice at @MyMacs Graffiti Art Mural Unveiling Friday December 14, 2012 at Mac's Convenience Store 2428 Islington Av, Toronto, Ontario Canada Click here for Google Plus Event with many more photos from the graffiti art mural reveal. Magic Finger Wong has completed a graffiti art mural for the kids and our future at the Mac's Convenience Store located at 2428 Islington Av, Toronto Ontario Canada (at corner of Elmhurst Av and Islington Av) before he hits the road with his graffiti art show in January 2013 in Montreal, Halifax and Quebec. On Friday December 14, 2012 the mural, officially called "The Thistletown Mural" but unofficially known in the community as the "Islington Mural" was launched at an unveiling ceremony attended by Elmhurst Public School students, Flow 93.5FM radio show morning show hosts Melanie and JJ, Toronto Crime Stoppers, 23 Division Toronto Police Service [...]