Tips & Tricks For Facebook & Youtube Video Including ‘360 Video’

Read here to see what works for your needs with Facebook and/or Youtube video So what is the best in 2016 for video?... Youtube or Facebook? You will have to decide on your own depending on your purpose and audience. Read on for some tips and tricks on downloading, engagement examples and 360 video. Youtube videos have been a passion of for a number of years engaging in relationships and technology strategy for success and safety. BMX, Graffiti, Crime Stoppers, SMILE Conference, Police, and whatever else that presented an opportunity for a video or a live stream has attracted my attention. Tried to count one day and realized that over 5,000 videos were in one way or another on youtube that my long list of broken cameras once had a lens on! It all comes down to content being king. It doesn't matter what platform you are on..if you are posting content that people want to see the people will come to where the video is posted if they want to see it! Many people I collaborate with on social media are interested in 'pushing' a video. Once upon a time I was all about youtube and youtube [...]

#140edu Live Stream from New York City August 2 and 3, 2011 by @JeffPulver | Toronto’s @SSENca Spanish Speaking Education Network Very Interested To Follow Via Social Media

Live Video streaming by Ustream My good friend - educator Esthela Cuenca tweets as @SSENca for the Spanish Speaking Education Network. She worked hard to get a presentation ready for this conference August 2 and 3 in New York City but was unable to attend at the last minute. She just called me and wants the link to watch on UStream. I have posted it here. She is going to send the presentation that she wants the world to know about to me .. and I will post it here too.

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