Barbara Coloroso & Bullying Prevention Panel Talk Success & Safety @100thGreyCup Festival

Bullying Expert & Author of Best Selling Book "The Bully, The Bullied & the Bystander" Barbara Coloroso was keynote speaker at Ryerson University #TimsHuddleUp Bullying Prevention Night November 20, 2012 as part of the 2012 100th Grey Cup Festival "Pay Attention, Get Involved, And Never Look Away": Barbara Coloroso at Bullying Prevention Night 100th Grey Cup 2012 November 20, 2012 at Ryerson University Internationally recognized writer and inspirational speaker, Barbara Coloroso, shared her insights on the bullying, the bullied and the bystander . Prior to her speech, there was a panel discussion consisting of parents, students, law enforcement and administrators. There was insight on the panel into LGBT specific issues. For more info on the event e-mail: Panel Focus: 1. Many of our youth have suffered tremendous bullying via the internet and text messages? Is there a way this could have been prevented? How can we address cyber bullying in our schools better? 2. Strategies seem to focus on awareness rather than action and solutions. Are we simply repeating things we already know or should we try and become more action oriented? 3. How can we teach students to be more open to diversity including the LGBT [...]

Cross Fit Graffiti Art Program Makes A Difference In Life of Nadia Fordham

Nadia Fordham @AuntieNadia at Cross Fit Graffiti Art Program in Toronto, Canada by Nadia Fordham Editor's Note (Scott): Nadia has asked me repeatedly not to publish this 'as is' because she feels she can do 'better'. She has finally said it is ok to publish 'as is' .. The dialogue that Nadia and I are currently having on twitter will elevate the quality of work to the next level on the next guest blog project! ... Stay tuned! On Sunday October 21, 2012, Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service invited me to participate in a Cross Fit Graffiti Art Program and work out afterwards. I agreed to attend, because I had no plans and was in need of a distraction. We set all of this up with the awesome world of technology, and social media site Twitter (@auntienadia @GraffitiBMXCop) and our two visions collided. I am not the traveler and new areas tend to cause me great anxiety so imagine my reaction on Sunday when I was trying to locate Scott!! We finally met on the street and headed to the alleyway. When I first glanced around to get a feel of what I was getting into, I [...]

LAWWORKS 2012 Lawyer & Cop Talk Social Media For Success & Safety For Schools

Lawyers Melanie Warner & Eric Roher of Ladner Borden Gervais in Toronto are leading paradigm shift to save lives using social media for community success and safety Lawyer Melanie Warner, Partner Borden Ladner Gervais & Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service spoke November 2, 2012 at LAWWORKS 2012 at OISE University of Toronto Ontario Institute For Studies In Education on topic of Social Media For Success And Safety In Schools Feel free to share the presentation slides prepared by lawyer Melanie Warner, Partner Ladner, Borden & Gervais in Toronto and Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer & Social Media Adviser Crime Stoppers International that were presented at the LAWWORKS 2012 Conference November 2, 2012 on the topic of "Social Media For Success And Safety In Schools". Watch the presentation live on #HangOutsOnAir and the archived version of the presentation here: Social Media For Success And Safety Advocates Lawyer Eric Roher @ERoher and Constable Scott Mills @GraffitiBMXCop November 2, 2012 at LAWWORKS 2012 at University of Toronto OISE

Canadian Police Association #CPAAGM Social Media For Success & Safety

Claus Redder Madsen of Danish Police Union Addressed Delegates At Canadian Police Association Annual General Meeting in Quebec City, Canada September 7, 2012 About Learning, Sharing & Staying Safe Locally and Globally For Police Officers Claus Redder Madsen, Union Secretary of The Police Union in Denmark and The Nordic Police Union had a key message of safety and best practices for police officers in Quebec City, Quebec Canada Friday September 7, 2012. He spoke about a mass shooting on a island north of Oslo Norway and police response as well as a bombing incident. Watch an archived Google #hangoutsonair video of his presentation by clicking here: Constable Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service and Crime Stoppers International did a talk on social media and the need for Police Associations to engage in the use of social media with purpose and process to achieve a payoff and potential for community success and safety relating specifically to Police Associations and protecting those who protect others. Watch an archived version of how to intall a Leave a Tip Tab for Facebook Pages with Crime Stoppers USA Chairman Scott Abrams, and Scott Mills of Crime Stoppers International that was recorded during the [...]

Saving Lives & Legal Issues Using Relationships & Technology In Education #140edu

Jeff Pulver is leading big for global success & safety | Follow & leanr "The State of NOW in Education" July 31& August 1, 2012 from the 92nd Street Y in New York City | Follow twitter hash tag #140edu & check speakers, topics & live streams For a summary of the message of success and safety to be presented by a School Safety Specialist, Cop & Education/Internet Lawyer at #140edu click on this link for prior talks led by lawyer Eric Roher on legal issues with social media in Education A strategy of relationship building, connections, trust, anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers combined with the effective use of social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google Plus has resulted in lives being saved since 2004 in Toronto. Fifteen suicides and a Virginia Tech school shooting have potentially been prevented in Toronto police officers in collaboration with school officials and community recreation partners. Jeffrey Keni Pulver is providing the podium for people to connect and make the world a more successful and safer place. Jeff Pulver is an American Internet entrepreneur known for his work as founder and chief executive of and early partner in Vonage. [...]

Social Media & Homicides: Boston’s CraigsList Killer Cops “Get Human”

Social media platforms allow homicide investigators to humanize their public appeals for information, as well as share with the world their experiences to prevent crimes. Combining social media communications and investigations will be a challenge for our future. Boston Police Homicide Unit investigators, Sergeant Detective Daniel Duff and Lieutenant Detective Robert Merner are telling their story of the CraigsList Killer case to help prevent and solve crime worldwide. The modern homicide detective needs social media tools for communications and investigations and, after hearing Daniel Duff and Robert Merner speak about the CraigsList Killer case in detail on two occasions, I am convinced that their story could very well educate a potential victim on how predators like Philip Markoff work, and could prevent women from being victimized in the future. Colonel Henry Francis Williams Junior, aka "Hank Williams" would be proud if he were still alive. I doubt Colonel Williams envisioned homicide cops being so open and transparent when he was sworn in as a New York State Trooper on April 16, 1951. Watch live streaming video from lawscomm at On September 21, 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting the lead investigators of the Craigs [...]

A Case Study: Social Media Key To Crime Stoppers Programs’ Success & Community Safety

    Crime Stoppers International Used LiveStream, Youtube, Facebook & Twitter In Search For Missing Girl & Alleged Fugitive Mom                               In today's reality, social media tools and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare, Webdoc, QR Codes and Google Plus are important two way communication tools that improves the reach of the Crime Stoppers mission of helping to stop, solve and prevent crimes together. It is important to have access to all the social media platforms that your program is using to reach your communities on your websites in the form of the service provider icons like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Google Plus hyperlinked to your accounts.   Many Crime Stoppers programs in Canada and throughout the world have adapted a social media presence that has resulted in some notable success stories. There are still many programs struggling to establish their social media, and a number who simply don't know how to do it. At the Crime Stoppers International Training Conference in Jamaica in 2011, an online guide for social media set up was provided.   This guide is available [...]

ProAction Cops & Kids Golf Program Inspires Youth To Success

                          Kids succeeding in life with help from the game of golf, the vision of Constable Ryan Drapack is carrying on in a big way in the west end of Toronto thanks to funding of ProAction Cops And Kids (on Twitter @CopsAndKidsca and and The Longest Yard. Two year youth participant Gregory Letounov was a shining example of the success and sustainablity of the program On November 29, 2011 at an appreciation night held at Islington Junior Middle School on Cordova Av in Toronto. Letounov was all smiles receiving a $500 scholarship towards his Business Management Program at Ryerson University from mentor officer Ryan Drapack. Dedicated members of 22 Division Toronto Police Service led by Detective Pat McGrade (on Twitter follow @Det2347) coordinated the Islington Community Golf Association Community Appreciation night, celebrating the closing of the fall session of the ICGA Golf Program, bringing together cops, kids and community for success and safety. For 9 weeks, youth learned golf skills from community golf enthusiasts, and the Islington Club assistant pro, as well as cops passionate about the game and their community. [...]

Legal Issues: Social Media And Education / Relationships And Technology For Success And Safety

Social Media And The Law In Canada by Lawyer Eric Roher View more presentations from Scott Mills. On Friday November 25, 2011 Education and Internet Lawyer Eric Roher spoke to an audience of 60 education professionals in Toronto, Ontario Canada about legal issues surrounding social media and students. Toronto Police Corporate Communications Social Media Officer Constable Scott Mills attended the presentation, along with Earl Haig Secondary School Safety Monitor Dave Bradley, community member Paisley Rae, and Toronto Police Service Media Coordinator Kevin Masterman, at the invitation of Dave Fraser, the Canadian Safe Schools Network Events Manager. Arrangements were made to live stream the presentation of Eric Roher for the purpose of sharing with others not in the room the relevant and up to date information about the state of the law in Canada relating to social media and education. A few photos were taken and are included here. There are many more references to policy development and solutions for social media challenges throughout the blog that is operated by Scott Mills. We hope that the information presented here is useful to others for social media strategy going forward. The video was streamed on the Social [...]