Planning For A Social Media Campaign & Power of One! #DontStreamAndDrive Day Is Everyday

April 8, 2016 is #DontStreamAndDrive Day Click here to watch a cop tell a woman on Periscope #DontStreamAndDrive The power of one using social for good is incredible in 2016. The #DontStreamAndDrive campaign hopefully will educate people and change behaviours to save lives. Great initiative April 8, 2016 by disruptive thinker, police social media advocate and independent social media consultant known online as "The Custody Sergeant" to educate our world about the dangers of streaming/watching video on mobile devices when driving. When I woke up this morning I had completely forgotten about the important social media campaign organized by a UK cop passionate about using social media to save lives. A great feature of this initiative was that it was organized on Thunderclap, which allowed for the people already listening and engaging with the UK cop for success and safety to sign up to 'donate a social media post' in advance for the day of the initiative. When I checked my own twitter timeline this morning I already had posted something supporting the #DontStreamAndDrive initiative, and so had a traffic savvy Toronto Police colleague @ReconGeni Pls consider a share & pledge to never livestream & drive & never [...]

Toronto Cops Shine Bright At #PrideTO * Social Media Reveals Good & Bad For #Pride Worldwide

Attention fellow police officers worldwide! If we are not using social media for the good, social media will find us with the bad! .... and... it is ok to walk down the street as a police officer with your same sex partner! Thanks for the pics Sara Faruqui #LoveWins Posted by Toronto Police Service on Sunday, June 28, 2015 Constable Christopher Atwood and his partner Joseph Barrett walk together in the Toronto Pride Parade June 28, 2015 Chief Mark Saunders was excited to march in his first pride parade as Chief of Police. #pride2015 #PrideTO #pridetoronto ^SF A photo posted by Toronto Police Service (@torontopolice) on Jun 28, 2015 at 4:48pm PDT We had over a million people join us at #PrideTO today at the parade. Happy Pride everyone.— Pride Toronto (@PrideToronto) June 29, 2015 Cyndi Lauper just met @TorontoPolice chief Saunders and his wife.— Tara Deschamps (@tara_deschamps) June 28, 2015 Social Media For Communications Strategy led to Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Issues Manager Meaghan Gray @MrsMeaghanGray Trending on Twitter at the 2015 Toronto Pride Parade! and @TorontoPolice reaching close to 1 million twitter accounts! #PrideTO Meaghan Gray, @mrsmeaghangray is now trending in #Toronto— [...]

Gathering of the Four Directions Teaches Kids & Cops To Get Involved In Community & Know Ancestry

Humber River celebrated as a Heritage River with many kids, community members and police officers from across the Greater Toronto area Sunday June 8, 2014 1st Annual Gathering of The Four Directions brought kids, cops and community together at Etienne Brule Park by the Old Mill in Toronto to celebrate ancestors and Humber River Constable Kim Turner @TPSMkwa proudly watches youth Native dancer celebrate our past and our future at the 1st annual Gathering of the Four Directions event at Etienne Brule Park by the Old Mill, Toronto, Ontario Canada Click here for link to several pictures from the day taken by Constable Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications that are free to use by anyone. No permission required. Official News Release of the event: Gathering of the Four Directions Broadcast time: 09:20 Sunday, June 8, 2014 Divisional Policing Support Unit 416-808-7046 On Sunday, June 8, 2014, Divisional Policing Support Unit - Aboriginal Peacekeeping, are hosting the inaugural Gathering of the Four Directions canoe event in partnership with Peel, York, Durham, and RCMP Police Services. Community partners include Toronto Council Fire Cultural Centre and Alderville First Nations. Police and youth will embark [...]

Community Connections at Blyth Academy Thornhill For Success & Safety @BlythEducation

Community Connections and Experiential Eduation are key at Blyth Academy, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada @BlythEducation Social Media For Success & Safety Presentation Thursday May 1, 2014 was led by social worker Angel Freedman, pictured here with Blyth Academy Thornhill Guidance Counsellor Patrick Butler. #FirstRespondersDay @YRP @TorontoPolice We are in this together.— Angel Freedman (@angelfreedman) May 1, 2014 York Regional Police and York Region Crime Stoppers references: Check out great York Regional Police official tumblr page with drug education Check out York Region Crime Stoppers here Amazing community connections are happening every day at Blyth Academy Thornhill, Ontario, Canada It was an honour for me, Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer, to be invited to Blyth Academy for a social media for success and safety talk with 75 students Thursday May 1, 2014. Amazing kids were at the talk at this private school specializing in experiential education. We did a Hangout On Air of a portion of the talk. The archived Youtube Live event can be watched here, as well as people can continue to the dialogue towards student success here by posting photos and text on Google Plus. Watch our video: Special thank you [...]

#RealTimeCrisis at #CACP #MHCC #MHPolice Conference Saving & Improving Lives Using Relationships & Technology

Conf to Improve Interactions With Persons with Mental Illness - Downloadable Presentations #MHpolice— CACP / ACCP (@CACP_ACCP) April 11, 2014 Toronto Street Nurse Anne Marie Batten presented her vision of Real Time Crisis Intervention at joint Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police & Mental Health Commission of Canada Mental Health conference at Fairmont Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario Canada Real Time Crisis Intervention is a not for profit Canadian corporation with the goal of improving and saving lives using relationships and technology. "Listening More, Talking Less" Read what Real Time Crisis Intervention is in April/2014 RCMP Gazette. Special thank you to RCMP Ontario Social Media Specialist Jean Turner for making this article happen For a complete overview of what "Real Time Crisis Intervention" is "Listening More & Talking Less" please read April/2014 RCMP Gazette article written by Real Time Crisis founder, Toronto street nurse Anne Marie Batten by clicking here. For a few pics of the conference click here: Review presentation slides from the March/2014 conference here: Ricardo Araujo volunteers for Real Time Crisis intervention regularly monitoring Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram and any other social media platform that a crisis occurs in to [...]

Saving Lives Using Social Media #CSSN2014 Lawyer @Eroher Mom @C_Todd School Safety @DavePicsBradley & Cop @GraffitiBMXCop

17th Annual Canadian Safe Schools Network Conference at International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Tuesday February 25, 2014 Carol Todd speaks to #CSSN2014 and says "I believe in restorative justice if it is done in the right way" Her daugther's youtube video 'suicide note' video has been viewed 29 million times as of Tuesday February 25, 2014 This blog is written by Constable Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications and is designed to share some key information from the Canadian Safe Schools Network conference on the issue of social media use for success and safety, in particular preventing a crisis and responding to an emergency. Thank you to the Canadian Safe Schools Network and Dave Fraser for an amazing opportunity to network between the education, social work and police/law enforcement community at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. "Commitment and allocation of staff and resources by school administration to make emergency response planning a priority" says lawyer Eric Roher. Eric goes on to state "To create major changes in the workplace, the organization needs: 1. A sense of urgency 2. A guiding coalition 3. Vision and strategy" Watch Carol Todd, mother of teen suicide [...]

#RealTimeCrisis Vision For 24/7 Professional Support In Social Media To Stop Cyberbullying & Prevent Suicide

Toronto Street Nurse Anne Marie Batten informally meets Toronto Police Chief William Blair Wednesday November 20, 2013 in the lobby of Toronto Police HQ and chat about the potential of Real Time Crisis Intervention, a not for profit corporation that Anne Marie has started to use social media tools to save and improve lives "Saving & Improving Lives" Real Time Crisis Intervention is a not for profit company started in 2013 by a Toronto based street nurse named Anne Marie Batten with the goal of 24/7 professional crisis intervention using social media tools to reduce 911 police/ambulance calls for service & visits to Emergency Depts at hospitals for mental health related crisis Each time there is a major government announcement about "Cyberbullying" I must admit, I get a little 'worked up'. For ten years now, a number of people have been advocating for a relationships & technology strategy to improve and save lives using social media tools. I must admit, that I am one of those people, all along in my role as a police officer. We have heard every excuse why it won't work, from legal liability reasons to professionals not wanting to have any [...]

#OACP #LAwSac Cop Social Media Training Ontario Police College #HOA Links & Contact Info

Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and Laws Communications co-hosted social media training for police officers at the Ontario Police College Nov13-15, 2013 Connect with Lauri Stevens @LawsComm Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and Laws Communications co-hosted social media training for police officers at the Ontario Police College Nov13-15, 2013. Connect with Joe Couto on twitter @OACPOfficial Faces of success and safety at Ontario Police College Social Media Training Nov13-15, 2013 were Stephanie Mackenzie-Smith @Dash_30_Dash Cst Marco Ricciardi @TPS_Marco and Lauri Stevens @LawsComm It was indeed an honour to be be invited to participate in training 74 law enforcement personnel from across the province of Ontario, and from as far away as Detroit and Vancouver November 13-15, 2013 at the Ontario Police College. There were a total of 3 Hangouts On Air that are available to review from the training. These interactive training sessions were live on youtube at the time, and are archived on the same link as they were live on for later viewing. Please share with anyone who can make a difference in moving the use of social media for community success and safety forward for any organization. Click here [...]

Women In Corrections Social Media For Success & Safety 2013 Featuring @MediatedReality

Social Media For Success And Safety was on the agenda for the "Women In Corrections" workshop at the Ministry of Community Safety And Correctional Services Ontario Correctional Services College on October 30, 2013 in Hamilton. A second workshop will be held November 21, 2013 in Camlachie It was an honour to be invited to speak about social media for success and safety at 2 venues for the 2013 focus groups "Women In Corrections". The first session occurred at the Ontario on October 30, 2013. Special guest Jesse Miller of Mediated Reality and Real Time Crisis Intervention joined the session via Hangout. The next session will occur November 21 in Camlachie, Ontario. Special thanks to my childhood friend Kim Wright for providing the opportunity to speak to such an amazing group of women who are changing the world for the better with purpose and process. The video hangout is included below from October 30 featuring Jesse As well, a living, breathing document on UrTurn designed for everyone to be able to contribute tidbits of information to keep up on facebook privacy settings changes is included here for reference. A few people update this document. It is designed for anyone [...]

#RealTimeCrisis References To Make Saving & Improving Lives Using Social Media Tools Happen For Your Organization

Cyber Empowerment, Awareness & Reality: Children & Youth In the Virtual World Safe Community Partnerships Forum Tuesday October 29, 2013 9am-3pm YMCA of Greater Toronto Auditorium, 10 Grosvenor St, Toronto, Ontario Canada Cyber Empowerment, Awareness and Reality; Children & Youth In The Virtual World was the topic Tuesday October 29, 2013 at the Safe Community Partnerships Forum hosted at the YMCA of Greater Toronto - Auditorium, 10 Grosvenor St, Toronto, Ontario The keynote address description was as follows: "Many community agencies are using social media to connect, engage and share information with the public, the media and each other. The technology available has allowed each agency, and any individual, the ability to develop a unique digital footprint to promote success and safety. But what happens when an agency or individual needs hep? What happens when the technology is being used to harass, bully, complain or accuse? The Toronto Police Service has been working with various community agencies to ensure everyone's involvement when social media use goes awry. At this presentation, Toronto Police Service Social Media Officer Police Constable Scott Mills, Corporate Communications Information & Issues Management Section Head Meaghan Gray and Crisis Nurse Community Volunteer Anne Marie Batten [...]