Periscope Test~Nunavut Teens Join Toronto Graffiti Artists For Street Art Mural

Story by Ganka Nagarajah Youth In Policing Summer Student Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Police Service Social Media Officer Mural in progress at 76 Church St Toronto.. To be continued! To follow progress check website Follow progress of mural at 76 Church St, Toronto and Teen Artists from Cape Dorset Nunavut have teamed up with Toronto Graffiti Artists for a great mural at 76 Church St, Toronto. Follow the progress online at Periscope is all the rage in video in 2015. We decided to do some tests on an official Toronto Police Periscope account in the Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications office on Tuesday July 7, 2015 during an orientation to social media training session with our Youth In Policing Initiative student. Our first test was with social media specialist Rob Cairns as he visited our office briefly. He was talking to us about Instagram photos now being high definition, so we tried a periscope video.. and it worked! We had 24 live viewers and within 2 minutes 54 people had checked out the archived video! Concerns were that we would not be AODA compliant, as [...]

What Allen Gardens Aboriginal Themed Toronto Mural Means To Nadia Fordham

Entitled “All My Relations”, the mural beautifies the temporary wooden fencing surrounding the main construction site for the Gerrard Watermain Replacement Project in Allan Gardens and will be in place for three and a half years until project completion. The size of two football fields, this artwork is a visual representation of First Nations life and culture in Toronto. Led by nationally recognized, award winning artists, Tannis Nielsen and Philip Cote, more than 20 artists from the First Nations community have come together to design and paint the mural. Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27, Toronto Centre Rosedale) was joined Nov9/2012 by First Nations artists and representatives from First Nations organizations in unveiling one of the largest outdoor murals in Canada, on the construction fencing around the water main construction project site in Allan Gardens. ( (access through Gerrard Street East between Sherbourne and Jarvis) "All My Relations" Allen Gardens mural photo by Nadia Fordham                                                       Editor's Note (Scott Mills) : The following is written by Nadia Fordham, a [...]

Community Gets Boost From Concerned Youth Through Graffiti Art @MyMacs @magicfinngaw @CopsAndKidsca @1800222tips

Graffiti Community Building Supported By Toronto Crime Stoppers @1800222tips & ProAction Cops And Kids @CopsAndKidsca at 2012 Graffiti Art Mural Unveiling in Rexdale, the northwest part of Toronto in the 23 Division Police Area Graffiti Artist Wong @magicfinngaw joined by @Flow935 & Toronto Crime Stoppers @1800222tips ProAction Cops & Kids @CopsAndKidsca & 23 Division @TorontoPolice at @MyMacs Graffiti Art Mural Unveiling Friday December 14, 2012 at Mac's Convenience Store 2428 Islington Av, Toronto, Ontario Canada Click here for Google Plus Event with many more photos from the graffiti art mural reveal. Magic Finger Wong has completed a graffiti art mural for the kids and our future at the Mac's Convenience Store located at 2428 Islington Av, Toronto Ontario Canada (at corner of Elmhurst Av and Islington Av) before he hits the road with his graffiti art show in January 2013 in Montreal, Halifax and Quebec. On Friday December 14, 2012 the mural, officially called "The Thistletown Mural" but unofficially known in the community as the "Islington Mural" was launched at an unveiling ceremony attended by Elmhurst Public School students, Flow 93.5FM radio show morning show hosts Melanie and JJ, Toronto Crime Stoppers, 23 Division Toronto Police Service [...]

Cross Fit Graffiti Art Program Makes A Difference In Life of Nadia Fordham

Nadia Fordham @AuntieNadia at Cross Fit Graffiti Art Program in Toronto, Canada by Nadia Fordham Editor's Note (Scott): Nadia has asked me repeatedly not to publish this 'as is' because she feels she can do 'better'. She has finally said it is ok to publish 'as is' .. The dialogue that Nadia and I are currently having on twitter will elevate the quality of work to the next level on the next guest blog project! ... Stay tuned! On Sunday October 21, 2012, Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service invited me to participate in a Cross Fit Graffiti Art Program and work out afterwards. I agreed to attend, because I had no plans and was in need of a distraction. We set all of this up with the awesome world of technology, and social media site Twitter (@auntienadia @GraffitiBMXCop) and our two visions collided. I am not the traveler and new areas tend to cause me great anxiety so imagine my reaction on Sunday when I was trying to locate Scott!! We finally met on the street and headed to the alleyway. When I first glanced around to get a feel of what I was getting into, I [...]

Milestone Achieved For Graffiti Issues in city of Toronto: Police & City Officials Team Up For Fresh #stART

  City of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan | Toronto Police Training Seminar April 3, 2012View more presentations from Scott Mills. City of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan 2012 - Presentation Slides of Jodi Callam and Gus Michaels at Toronto Police Service Graffiti Training Seminar Thank you to Sergeant Branko Novinc, Staff Sergeant Steve Pipe of the Divisional Policing Support Unit , Jodi Callan and Kristina Hausmanis of city of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan , Steve Ferrara of community building art specialists Well And Good and all the police officers, by-law officers and city staffers who attended the training session for the new Graffiti Management Programs for both Toronto Police Service and the city of Toronto at the Toronto Police College on Tuesday April 3, 2012. In one simple thought, I can honestly say that we have made huge progress in what matters for both property owners, stakeholders and the graffiti arts community. There is no doubt that everyone wants to stop graffiti vandalism. The positive part of this seminar was that a distinction was made between graffiti vandalism and graffiti art, and not just in words. The Toronto Police Service's Graffiti Eradication Program was renamed [...]

Graffiti-Youth In Neighbourhoods-A Positive Approach To Graffiti Management-Ontario School Resource Officer Training Manual | 2007

Community member Mike Young in Ottawa (Twitter @Ravensviewca is a specialist on solutions for the entire community - property owners, graffiti artists, police and city officials. This policy was written by Mike Young in collaboration with Constable Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service (Twitter @GraffitiBMXCop as a guide to help address graffiti issues in a balanced approach. Mike is willing to speak to anyone who is interested in learning how this unique and modern approach works for the benefit of the entire community. Here are 3 videos of the results of Mike's work in Ottawa, Canada in collaboration with property owners, police and the graffiti community. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ONTARIO SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER POLICY Youth In Neibourhoods-A Positive Approach To Graffiti Management

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Croft St | Toronto | Graffiti Community Building “The State of NOW”

To get involved with helping to keep the vision of Croft Street being a street art gallery, free of vandalism and full of community, peace and respect please send an e-mail to Scott Mills | | Cell 647-449-2801 Check out this video by Rogers GTA's Most Wanted Show from 2007 that outlines the vision of making Croft Street, Toronto into a street art gallery, as opposed to a gallery of vandalism.. We are still working on making this vision a reality, and we need your help! Check out this story written by KJ Mullins @KJJournalist about Croft Street on July 30, 2011 Croft Sreet | One Toronto Alley | Graffiti Vandalism=Bad | Graffiti Art=Good Check out this story written by KJ Mullins @KJJournalist about Croft Street on July 30, 2011 Croft Sreet | One Toronto Alley | Graffiti Vandalism=Bad | Graffiti Art=Good

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