Social Media & Homicides: Boston’s CraigsList Killer Cops “Get Human”

Social media platforms allow homicide investigators to humanize their public appeals for information, as well as share with the world their experiences to prevent crimes. Combining social media communications and investigations will be a challenge for our future. Boston Police Homicide Unit investigators, Sergeant Detective Daniel Duff and Lieutenant Detective Robert Merner are telling their story of the CraigsList Killer case to help prevent and solve crime worldwide. The modern homicide detective needs social media tools for communications and investigations and, after hearing Daniel Duff and Robert Merner speak about the CraigsList Killer case in detail on two occasions, I am convinced that their story could very well educate a potential victim on how predators like Philip Markoff work, and could prevent women from being victimized in the future. Colonel Henry Francis Williams Junior, aka "Hank Williams" would be proud if he were still alive. I doubt Colonel Williams envisioned homicide cops being so open and transparent when he was sworn in as a New York State Trooper on April 16, 1951. Watch live streaming video from lawscomm at On September 21, 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting the lead investigators of the Craigs [...]

Milestone Achieved For Graffiti Issues in city of Toronto: Police & City Officials Team Up For Fresh #stART

  City of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan | Toronto Police Training Seminar April 3, 2012View more presentations from Scott Mills. City of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan 2012 - Presentation Slides of Jodi Callam and Gus Michaels at Toronto Police Service Graffiti Training Seminar Thank you to Sergeant Branko Novinc, Staff Sergeant Steve Pipe of the Divisional Policing Support Unit , Jodi Callan and Kristina Hausmanis of city of Toronto Graffiti Management Plan , Steve Ferrara of community building art specialists Well And Good and all the police officers, by-law officers and city staffers who attended the training session for the new Graffiti Management Programs for both Toronto Police Service and the city of Toronto at the Toronto Police College on Tuesday April 3, 2012. In one simple thought, I can honestly say that we have made huge progress in what matters for both property owners, stakeholders and the graffiti arts community. There is no doubt that everyone wants to stop graffiti vandalism. The positive part of this seminar was that a distinction was made between graffiti vandalism and graffiti art, and not just in words. The Toronto Police Service's Graffiti Eradication Program was renamed [...]

ProAction Cops & Kids Golf Program Inspires Youth To Success

                          Kids succeeding in life with help from the game of golf, the vision of Constable Ryan Drapack is carrying on in a big way in the west end of Toronto thanks to funding of ProAction Cops And Kids (on Twitter @CopsAndKidsca and and The Longest Yard. Two year youth participant Gregory Letounov was a shining example of the success and sustainablity of the program On November 29, 2011 at an appreciation night held at Islington Junior Middle School on Cordova Av in Toronto. Letounov was all smiles receiving a $500 scholarship towards his Business Management Program at Ryerson University from mentor officer Ryan Drapack. Dedicated members of 22 Division Toronto Police Service led by Detective Pat McGrade (on Twitter follow @Det2347) coordinated the Islington Community Golf Association Community Appreciation night, celebrating the closing of the fall session of the ICGA Golf Program, bringing together cops, kids and community for success and safety. For 9 weeks, youth learned golf skills from community golf enthusiasts, and the Islington Club assistant pro, as well as cops passionate about the game and their community. [...]

Legal Issues: Social Media And Education / Relationships And Technology For Success And Safety

Social Media And The Law In Canada by Lawyer Eric Roher View more presentations from Scott Mills. On Friday November 25, 2011 Education and Internet Lawyer Eric Roher spoke to an audience of 60 education professionals in Toronto, Ontario Canada about legal issues surrounding social media and students. Toronto Police Corporate Communications Social Media Officer Constable Scott Mills attended the presentation, along with Earl Haig Secondary School Safety Monitor Dave Bradley, community member Paisley Rae, and Toronto Police Service Media Coordinator Kevin Masterman, at the invitation of Dave Fraser, the Canadian Safe Schools Network Events Manager. Arrangements were made to live stream the presentation of Eric Roher for the purpose of sharing with others not in the room the relevant and up to date information about the state of the law in Canada relating to social media and education. A few photos were taken and are included here. There are many more references to policy development and solutions for social media challenges throughout the blog that is operated by Scott Mills. We hope that the information presented here is useful to others for social media strategy going forward. The video was streamed on the Social [...]

Education Summit: Gangs, Prisons, Social Media And Crime Stoppers

Toronto Police Service 13 Division officers hosted their 2nd annual Education Summit at the Oakwood Library for educators, community members, fellow police officers, and anyone interested in the success and safety of our community, in particular our youth. The event was organized by Sergeant Jimmy Browne, Staff Sergeant Michael Matic and an entire team of dedicated police officers working collaboratively with community partners. The day started with opening remarks from Staff Inspector Mary Lee Metcalfe, and featured a special greeting from Member of Provincial Parliament Mike Colle. The topics discussed were as follows: 1. Detective Lynda Hilborn 13 Division Family Violence Unit "How Youth Bureau Officers And School Administrators Can Work In Partnership In Relation To School Investigations" 2. Constable Martin Douglas Toronto Crime Stoppers Community Youth Officer "The Role Of Crime Stoppers Within School Administrations" 3. Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications "Relationships, Technology and Social Media For Success And Safety" 4. Joel Gardner Toronto East Detention Centre "What It Is Like To Spend A Day Incarcerated" 5. John Ilika Field Intelligence Officer Ontario Corrections "Project G.R.A.N.T. Gang Reduction After Neighbourhood Traning" The day finished with closing remarks from Staff Sergeant Michael Matic. [...]

Alyson Schafer Talks About Teens |

Canadian parenting expert Alyson Schafer took parents on a journey inside the mind of a teen and helped a sold out group of parents in Richmond Hill at the Centre For Performing Arts on October 4, 2011 understand their life, their logic, how to parent them and how to help teens and parents survive and thrive in these critical years. Alyson's message gives society a wake up call that every parent, educator and politician should hear. Proceeds of the evening talk went to York Region Youth Shelter and to Building More BMX Parks and Legal Graffiti Art Projects funded by donations to A gang prevention message and were represented at the evening sponsored by Espresso Blu Cafe. For more information on this evening and more awareness initiatives, please contact Angel Freedman at or 905-780-8119 (or @AngelFreedman on Twitter) Watch a short clip of Alyson Schafer speaking about teens at this parenting education event below: Watch live streaming video from graffitibmxcop at Many references to help parents here:

CBC Radio: Toronto Police Service @TorontoPolice Social Media Initiative Launch #TPSsmLaunch – @CBCHereAndNow Host @RobinBrownCBC Interviews Cop @GraffitiBMXCop

Click on link here to listen to mp3 file of CBC Radio interview: (if you can't play on your computer, send an e-mail to to receive the file in another format) CBC Radio with Constable Scott Mills This radio interview was conducted on July 27, 2011 at the CBC Building on Front Street in Toronto with Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Police Social Media Officer and radio talk show host on CBC Here And Now Robin Brown. Constable Tony Vella, Toronto Police Service Media Relations Officer was also present. Special thanks to Robin and her team at CBC Radio for sending along this MP3 clip, and to Robert Cairns ( ) for the assistance with Word Press to get the interview posted to be shared with people to engage the message. You can follow the Toronto Police Service officially in social media here: There is a Webdoc that is a place to share any stories or comments you have about the use of Toronto Police Service social media. The link is or you can click on the Webdoc Application button on the top left corner of the official Toronto Police Service Facebook page. [...]