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17th Annual Canadian Safe Schools Network Conference at International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Tuesday February 25, 2014 Carol Todd speaks to #CSSN2014 and says "I believe in restorative justice if it is done in the right way" Her daugther's youtube video 'suicide note' video has been viewed 29 million times as of Tuesday February 25, 2014 This blog is written by Constable Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications and is designed to share some key information from the Canadian Safe Schools Network conference on the issue of social media use for success and safety, in particular preventing a crisis and responding to an emergency. Thank you to the Canadian Safe Schools Network and Dave Fraser for an amazing opportunity to network between the education, social work and police/law enforcement community at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. "Commitment and allocation of staff and resources by school administration to make emergency response planning a priority" says lawyer Eric Roher. Eric goes on to state "To create major changes in the workplace, the organization needs: 1. A sense of urgency 2. A guiding coalition 3. Vision and strategy" Watch Carol Todd, mother of teen suicide [...]

#RealTimeCrisis References To Make Saving & Improving Lives Using Social Media Tools Happen For Your Organization

Cyber Empowerment, Awareness & Reality: Children & Youth In the Virtual World Safe Community Partnerships Forum Tuesday October 29, 2013 9am-3pm YMCA of Greater Toronto Auditorium, 10 Grosvenor St, Toronto, Ontario Canada Cyber Empowerment, Awareness and Reality; Children & Youth In The Virtual World was the topic Tuesday October 29, 2013 at the Safe Community Partnerships Forum hosted at the YMCA of Greater Toronto - Auditorium, 10 Grosvenor St, Toronto, Ontario The keynote address description was as follows: "Many community agencies are using social media to connect, engage and share information with the public, the media and each other. The technology available has allowed each agency, and any individual, the ability to develop a unique digital footprint to promote success and safety. But what happens when an agency or individual needs hep? What happens when the technology is being used to harass, bully, complain or accuse? The Toronto Police Service has been working with various community agencies to ensure everyone's involvement when social media use goes awry. At this presentation, Toronto Police Service Social Media Officer Police Constable Scott Mills, Corporate Communications Information & Issues Management Section Head Meaghan Gray and Crisis Nurse Community Volunteer Anne Marie Batten [...]

#RealTimeCrisis Toronto Crisis Team Turns To Social Media To Save Lives by @LiamDevlinCasey @TorontoStar

Story appeared in Toronto Star Monday August 26, 2013 by reporter Liam Casey Thank you to Mark Horvath of for inspiring this work. Toronto crisis team turns to social media to save lives. Real Time Crisis uses an innovative suicide intervention strategy — it goes directly, via social media, to people crying out for help. Photo For Online Story On #RealTimeCrisis @RealTimeCrisis Intervention To Save And Improve Lives In Toronto Star Monday August 26, 2013 Edition | photo by Rick Madodnik “Can I help?” Those three words can save lives. In fact, they are the very words that Anne Marie Batten — a Toronto street nurse involved in an innovative suicide intervention strategy — sends out over and over via Twitter as she talks down people in distress, some on the verge of taking their lives. For the past 18 months, Batten and Toronto police Const. Scott Mills have been working on a fledgling non-profit organization to help the mentally ill 24 hours a day on social media. They’ve dubbed it Real Time Crisis. “We’d rather not shoot somebody that’s in crisis,” said Mills. His employer, the Toronto police force, has come under intense scrutiny in recent [...]

“7F Rocks” Bliss Carman Senior Public School, Social Media & The Law by Cop Laurie McCann @AnalyzeThis5253

Grade 7 teacher Sara Asif @Miss_Asif and Toronto Police Service officer Laurie McCann @AnalyzeThis5253 talked about Social Media And The Law with students June 11, 2013 at Bliss Carmen Senior Public School in Scarborough Great kids, great teacher, great presentation! Please share the info with fellow students, parents and the community Presentation Slides: Presentation Hangout On Air archived Live to Youtube: Thanks to Detective Jeff Bangild for connecting Constable Laurie McCann with teacher Sara Asif for this presentation. Follow Scott Mills in social media "Graffiti BMX Cop" on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

#BoostSM Social Media For Communications & Investigations Hosted By @BoostForKids at @TorontoPolice College

Boost For Kids Social Media For Communications and Investigations Education Protocol Training June 4, 2013 at Toronto Police College Special thank you to Chief William Blair, Deputy Chief Peter Sloly, Deputy Chief Mike Federico, Deputy Chief Mark Saunders, Sergeant Tim Burrows, Constable Warren Bulmer and Corporate Communications heads Mark Pugash and Meaghan Gray of Toronto Police Service for allowing the framework for the presentations today to grow and be a valued and necessary community success and safety tool. Thank you to every person who has contributed to the teamwork happening today in any way. Everyone is valued and appreciated. This blog captures information presented at a workshop Tuesday June 4, 2013 9:30am - 12:00pm at the Toronto Police College. The post is designed to be a reference for the 100 delegates at the workshop and others who are interested to share with colleagues and friends to further the use of social media for communications and investigations for community success and safety. Our motto for the day is "Each one teach one". The hash tag for the event on twitter is #BoostSM. The text of the flyer for the event is posted below. Thanks to Pearl Rimmer from Boost [...]

#HamOnt Crowd Funded Journalist @JoeyColeman Earns Trust of Community & Cops Using @LiveStream In Real Time

by Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer Crime Stoppers Social Media Adviser Joey Coleman is a crowdfunded journalist in Hamilton, Ontario and is forging a future based on the trust of the community , police & emergency responders Joey Coleman uses a Sony HXR-NX70U waterproof camera and a @LiveStream Procaster to update the public from official police & fire sources on emerging events in Hamilton, Ontario Every police & emergency service, no matter how big or how small, needs to have a plan & human resources in place for real time reporting of incidents in 2013, as well as real time analyzing/processing of information coming in on the case in social media. Staff Sergeant Matt Kavanagh of the Hamilton Police Service Homicide Unit stated publicly during the Tim Bosma case that social media was important and an officer had been dedicated to monitoring social media for the investigation. Staff Sergeant Matt Kavanagh of the Hamilton Police Service Homicide Unit stated publicly during the Tim Bosma homicide investigation that social media was important and an officer had been dedicated to monitoring social media for the investigation. Many more community members, police [...]

“It’s About The Conversation, Not The Quality” Hangouts #HO & Hangouts On Air #HOA Audio & Camera Gear That Works For Cheap

Mike Downes Is A Valuable Google Plus Hangouts On Air Specialist Live Streaming Using Google Plus Hangouts On Air Is "About The Conversation" Google Plus Hangouts On Air has made reaching people with timely and effective messages face to face very quick and efficient if you have some simple gear, and a willingness to learn. Getting good quality video and audio when the opportunity presents itself is the key. I will add to this post periodically with little tips of information that will help the average person accomplish their hangout and hangout on air goals. Many people have helped me with improving the quality of video and audio. Thanks the everyone. Mike Downes from England has helped me in a timely and effective way many times. Two co-workers have significantly contributed to everyday improvements Kevin Masterman, the Toronto Police Service Media And Communications Coordinator and our Toronto Police Service webmaster, who doesn't wish to be identified, but who I will call "Dr. Gru" as I continue to update! Lastly, it was very much an honour to meet a legend with Hangouts & Hangouts On Air Loren Groves. Loren's key message is "Hangouts are about the conversation, [...]

What Allen Gardens Aboriginal Themed Toronto Mural Means To Nadia Fordham

Entitled “All My Relations”, the mural beautifies the temporary wooden fencing surrounding the main construction site for the Gerrard Watermain Replacement Project in Allan Gardens and will be in place for three and a half years until project completion. The size of two football fields, this artwork is a visual representation of First Nations life and culture in Toronto. Led by nationally recognized, award winning artists, Tannis Nielsen and Philip Cote, more than 20 artists from the First Nations community have come together to design and paint the mural. Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam (Ward 27, Toronto Centre Rosedale) was joined Nov9/2012 by First Nations artists and representatives from First Nations organizations in unveiling one of the largest outdoor murals in Canada, on the construction fencing around the water main construction project site in Allan Gardens. ( (access through Gerrard Street East between Sherbourne and Jarvis) "All My Relations" Allen Gardens mural photo by Nadia Fordham                                                       Editor's Note (Scott Mills) : The following is written by Nadia Fordham, a [...]

Community Gets Boost From Concerned Youth Through Graffiti Art @MyMacs @magicfinngaw @CopsAndKidsca @1800222tips

Graffiti Community Building Supported By Toronto Crime Stoppers @1800222tips & ProAction Cops And Kids @CopsAndKidsca at 2012 Graffiti Art Mural Unveiling in Rexdale, the northwest part of Toronto in the 23 Division Police Area Graffiti Artist Wong @magicfinngaw joined by @Flow935 & Toronto Crime Stoppers @1800222tips ProAction Cops & Kids @CopsAndKidsca & 23 Division @TorontoPolice at @MyMacs Graffiti Art Mural Unveiling Friday December 14, 2012 at Mac's Convenience Store 2428 Islington Av, Toronto, Ontario Canada Click here for Google Plus Event with many more photos from the graffiti art mural reveal. Magic Finger Wong has completed a graffiti art mural for the kids and our future at the Mac's Convenience Store located at 2428 Islington Av, Toronto Ontario Canada (at corner of Elmhurst Av and Islington Av) before he hits the road with his graffiti art show in January 2013 in Montreal, Halifax and Quebec. On Friday December 14, 2012 the mural, officially called "The Thistletown Mural" but unofficially known in the community as the "Islington Mural" was launched at an unveiling ceremony attended by Elmhurst Public School students, Flow 93.5FM radio show morning show hosts Melanie and JJ, Toronto Crime Stoppers, 23 Division Toronto Police Service [...]

LAWWORKS 2012 Lawyer & Cop Talk Social Media For Success & Safety For Schools

Lawyers Melanie Warner & Eric Roher of Ladner Borden Gervais in Toronto are leading paradigm shift to save lives using social media for community success and safety Lawyer Melanie Warner, Partner Borden Ladner Gervais & Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service spoke November 2, 2012 at LAWWORKS 2012 at OISE University of Toronto Ontario Institute For Studies In Education on topic of Social Media For Success And Safety In Schools Feel free to share the presentation slides prepared by lawyer Melanie Warner, Partner Ladner, Borden & Gervais in Toronto and Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer & Social Media Adviser Crime Stoppers International that were presented at the LAWWORKS 2012 Conference November 2, 2012 on the topic of "Social Media For Success And Safety In Schools". Watch the presentation live on #HangOutsOnAir and the archived version of the presentation here: Social Media For Success And Safety Advocates Lawyer Eric Roher @ERoher and Constable Scott Mills @GraffitiBMXCop November 2, 2012 at LAWWORKS 2012 at University of Toronto OISE