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2018 05 01 16.40.07 1024x576 How To Protect Yourself Against Cyberbullying

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With the growth of social media’s use and popularity, there has also been a growth in reported cyber-bullying and online harassment.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be the main social networks used
to keep in touch with friends, but they are also the most popular sites used for cyber-bullying

1. An estimated one in five Canadian Internet users age 15 to 29 reported having been cyber-bullied or cyber stalked. (Source: 2017 The Anti-Bullying survey)

2 . It’s just not young adults who are being victimized. Adults can also become targets, as 40% of adult Internet users in the United States reported experiencing some form of online harassment (Source: 2014 Stats Canada: Cyberbullying and cyberstalking among Internet users aged 15 to 29 in Canada)

3. It’s important to practice some safety tips when using social media platforms, including not putting too much information about yourself online. (Source) 2014 Pew Research Center report

If you encounter a cyber bully, take down their info, take screenshots of the harassment and inform the authorities.

Whatever you do, do not sink to their level. By giving into the bully and responding, it will likely only make matters worse.

Another important step in preventing cyber-bullying is to educate children. Although many adults will face cyber-bullying at some point in their life, it is important to educate the youth in these matters with hopes that they may not become future victims.

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