Canadian Crime Stoppers Association Facebook Banner 18002228477 Crime Stoppers Tip #1800222TIPS Tipped Cops Off In Time To Stop Halifax Mall Mass Shooting

Anonymity of Crime Stoppers tips in Canada is protected by case law of the Supreme Court since 1997. The case law is R. v. Liepert

An anonymous Crime Stoppers tip has foiled a mass shooting plot at a Halifax, Nova Scotia shopping mall. This is an excellent example of why community led Crime Stoppers programs are valuable to community safety worldwide. This particular tip has been called ‘the most significant’ ever to prevent a crime in Canada by Ralph Page, the President of the Canadian Crime Stoppers Association.

A number of links will be shared in this post to reference and bookmark this case. Many volunteers work tirelessly for local, provincial, national and international Crime Stoppers programs. Often times, funding for the programs in Canada are scarce, and many programs have been threatened with shutting down due to financial hardship. Please remember that Crime Stoppers programs are registered charities that issue tax receipts for donations. The programs are community operated in partnership with the police and media to prevent and solve crime together. Please consider reaching out and donating generously to your local Crime Stoppers program.    

Watch video of RCMP Nova Scotia and Halifax Regional Police press conference by click here:

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