Boomer Coco 300x169 Boating safety & @BoomersFishing Success Happening From @Bronte Events Social Media Workshop

Guy Smith and Coco Roger would rather be fishing! Check out for exciting fishing and cruise charters in Bronte, West Oakville Canada. Exciting new social media engagement to come! Stay tuned!

Bronte Business Improvement Association, known as the ‘Bronte BIA’ has embraced social media for success and safety in a big way in 2015! This is very exciting for an area of the world that has a special place in my heart!

I find myself today sitting with Guy Smith and Coco Roger of Boomers Fishing learning how to integrate social media into every day life, how blogs work for both success and safety.

You may ask why this is important to a cop! Well…life is all about positive relationships and people striving for success and for safety!

It has been quite a journey for me for the past 7 years working with Ann Sargent at the Bronte BIA on a team of community volunteers to spread the good word about the great people in Bronte, West Oakville using social media tools.

Today, I am learning all about boating safety and connecting with some amazing people that truly care about our community.

Special thank you to Bronte community member Wendy Silva who provided me with some quick tips on her blog to help Guy and Coco integrate social media tools for success and safety using the best available platforms – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest and Youtube (in my humble opining!)

In particular.. check out Wendy’s blog on integrating Instagram with Twitter and Facebook.

For boating safety tips visit Transport Canada’s website here: