Blyth Academy Guidance Counsellor Patrick Butler and Angel Freedman 300x225 Community Connections at Blyth Academy Thornhill For Success & Safety @BlythEducation

Community Connections and Experiential Eduation are key at Blyth Academy, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada @BlythEducation Social Media For Success & Safety Presentation Thursday May 1, 2014 was led by social worker Angel Freedman, pictured here with Blyth Academy Thornhill Guidance Counsellor Patrick Butler.

York Regional Police and York Region Crime Stoppers references:

Check out great York Regional Police official tumblr page with drug education
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Amazing community connections are happening every day at Blyth Academy Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

It was an honour for me, Constable Scott Mills Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Social Media Officer, to be invited to Blyth Academy for a social media for success and safety talk with 75 students Thursday May 1, 2014.

Amazing kids were at the talk at this private school specializing in experiential education.

We did a Hangout On Air of a portion of the talk. The archived Youtube Live event can be watched here, as well as people can continue to the dialogue towards student success here by posting photos and text on Google Plus.

Watch our video:

Special thank you to the Head of School at Blyth Academy Thornhill Laurie Stinson and Guidance Counsellor Patrick Butler for the warm reception and hospitality, and being completely open to using social media for success and safety.

As well, it is always a pleasure to make community connections, regardless or jursdiction, with amazing community builder Angel Freedman

Some key take away points of the talk were to use social media for success and education, as well as for safety.

“Think twice, post once in social media” was the key message of the day.

As well, social media for emergency management was explained, including the fact that for an emergency it is imperative to call 911 and not report on social media sites (yet!!)

The importance of Crime Stoppers programs, and their local, provincial, national and international connection for community success and safety was discussed, including the fact that the anonymity of Crime Stoppers tipster is protected by case law of the Supreme Court of Canada since 1997 (R v. Liepert SCC). Click here to see what an official lawyer says about the anonymity of Crime Stoppers

Privacy settings on social media platforms are essential to understand. Below is living breathing document compiled by students and Constable Scott Mills on the ongoing changes for privacy settings on Facebook. It is recommended to check privacy settings for all social media platforms on a regular basis.

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Blyth Community Connections 300x225 Community Connections at Blyth Academy Thornhill For Success & Safety @BlythEducation

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