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17th Annual Canadian Safe Schools Network Conference at International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Tuesday February 25, 2014

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Carol Todd speaks to #CSSN2014 and says “I believe in restorative justice if it is done in the right way” Her daugther’s youtube video ‘suicide note’ video has been viewed 29 million times as of Tuesday February 25, 2014

This blog is written by Constable Scott Mills of Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications and is designed to share some key information from the Canadian Safe Schools Network conference on the issue of social media use for success and safety, in particular preventing a crisis and responding to an emergency.

Thank you to the Canadian Safe Schools Network and Dave Fraser for an amazing opportunity to network between the education, social work and police/law enforcement community at the International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

“Commitment and allocation of staff and resources by school administration to make emergency response planning a priority” says lawyer Eric Roher. Eric goes on to state “To create major changes in the workplace, the organization needs:

1. A sense of urgency
2. A guiding coalition
3. Vision and strategy”

Watch Carol Todd, mother of teen suicide victim Amanda Todd at the Canadian Safe Schools Network 17th annual training conference Tuesday February 25, 2014

What does Education and Internet lawyer Eric Roher say about risk on legal issues surrounding social media use and saving and improving lives and many other issues? In a nutshell, what was the plan to ensure success and safety of students.

Risk Management Involves The Following Steps:
Identify and assess exposures to injury
Identify various risk management strategies to address these exposures
Select and implement the appropriate strategy or strategies
Monitor results and make improvements where necessary

“Do all those things, just do them safely and make sure parents are informed”

View Eric’s presentation slides here:

Watch Earl Haig Secondary School Toronto District School Board School Safety Hall Monitor Dave Bradley talk about saving and improving lives using social media and how Toronto Police Service Social Media For Communications strategy works:

Watch how the Toronto Police Service are using social media for emergency management using twitter lists #SMEM Toronto Official

2014 02 25 10.06.27 CSSN 2014 300x225 Saving Lives Using Social Media #CSSN2014 Lawyer @Eroher Mom @C Todd School Safety @DavePicsBradley & Cop @GraffitiBMXCop

Canadian Safe Schools Network Conference #CSSN2014 @cndnsafeschools welcomed Carol Todd @C_Todd to speak about how the education system and police can save and improve lives