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CSI President Michael Gordon Gibson Presents Sergeant Jim Taliaferro
Crime Stoppers International Coordinator of the Year 2012 in Las Vegas
Crime Stoppers Shreveport/Caddo Parish, La.
CSUSA Region 5 Representative, Membership Chair

Crime Stoppers programs worldwide are the key to community success and safety in a modern world. Community led registered charities, in partnership with local law enforcement and media offering anonymous reporting of information to help stop, solve and prevent homicides, shootings, assaults, gang involvement, bullying, cyberbullying, terrorist attacks, online and offline criminal harassment, terrorist attacks.

The key to the programs is people. Everyone has a role from the community volunteer board member, to the Crime Stoppers Coordinator and the law enforcement or partner agency official who receives the anonymous information to help stop, solve or prevent the crime.

Our world is now a global village, and social media is making our world more connected each day.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress and many more are tools for both local and global communication that, if used with purpose and process will lead to tremendous payoff and potential for community success and safety locally and globally.

This was the topic of “The State of NOW” talk on Crime Stoppers and Social Media delivered at the 33rd Annual Crime Stoppers International Training Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in October, 2012 by Scott Mills, the Social Media Adviser of Crime Stoppers International.

Since this presentation, many inquires have been made about how we need to accomplish this mission.

It is very simple. We need to assign roles, as we now do to people in Crime Stoppers programs, and we need to extend those roles to using social media to effect our mission of preventing and solving crime. In short we need to celebrate community success and promote community safety using all social media sites that our local communities are engaged in.

We need to look at sponsorships from cell phone providers and social media websites, and work on a social media policy that empowers everyone involved in Crime Stoppers to play their role in social media on a daily basis.

There is a paradigm shift from blocking social media to using social media, engaging in relationsihps online with our community to accomplish our mandate.

I stated the need and the opportunity for an International Fusion Centre For Success And Safety that could be a training and call center all in one if we got the right funders in place, and used collaboratively our collective knowledge and expertise to accomplish this.

If you are interested in trying to accomplish this goal together, and taking Crime Stoppers programs to the next level, please watch the archived #HangOutsOnAir live streamed video of the presentation from the conference titled “Crime Stoppers International and Social Media .. The State of NOW” and send an e-mail to socialmedia@csiworld.org

The time for talking about needing to embrace social media is over. The time for action in a cohesive and unified global manner is now. Let’s talk!

For Crime Stoppers International Social Media click on our website http://CSIWorld.org or click at the direct links below. Join the movement towards our community success and safety! Think global, Act Local!

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