2012 11 20 21.27.251 300x225 Barbara Coloroso & Bullying Prevention Panel Talk Success & Safety @100thGreyCup Festival

Bullying Expert & Author of Best Selling Book “The Bully, The Bullied & the Bystander” Barbara Coloroso was keynote speaker at Ryerson University #TimsHuddleUp Bullying Prevention Night November 20, 2012 as part of the 2012 100th Grey Cup Festival

“Pay Attention, Get Involved, And Never Look Away”: Barbara Coloroso at Bullying Prevention Night 100th Grey Cup 2012 November 20, 2012 at Ryerson University

Internationally recognized writer and inspirational speaker, Barbara Coloroso, shared her insights on the bullying, the bullied and the bystander . Prior to her speech, there was a panel discussion consisting of parents, students, law enforcement and administrators. There was insight on the panel into LGBT specific issues. For more info on the event e-mail: rmiltchin@argonauts.ca.

Panel Focus:
1. Many of our youth have suffered tremendous bullying via the internet and text messages? Is there a way this could have been prevented? How can we address cyber bullying in our schools better?

2. Strategies seem to focus on awareness rather than action and solutions. Are we simply repeating things we already know or should we try and become more action oriented?

3. How can we teach students to be more open to diversity including the LGBT community?

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2012 11 20 21.25.46 300x225 Barbara Coloroso & Bullying Prevention Panel Talk Success & Safety @100thGreyCup Festival

Congratulations to Argos Foundation @ArgoJC & 100th Grey Cup Staff For Including #TimsHuddleUp Bullying Prevention Night Featuring Barbara Coloroso as part of the Grey Cup Festival 2012