Legal Issues: Social Media And Education / Relationships And Technology For Success And Safety

Canadian Safe School Network Conference
Lawyer Supports Social Media For Success And Safety

On Friday November 25, 2011 Education and Internet Lawyer Eric Roher spoke to an audience of 60 education professionals in Toronto, Ontario Canada about legal issues surrounding social media and students. Toronto Police Corporate Communications Social Media Officer Constable Scott Mills attended the presentation, along with Earl Haig Secondary School Safety Monitor Dave Bradley, community member Paisley Rae, and Toronto Police Service Media Coordinator Kevin Masterman, at the invitation of Dave Fraser, the Canadian Safe Schools Network Events Manager.

Arrangements were made to live stream the presentation of Eric Roher for the purpose of sharing with others not in the room the relevant and up to date information about the state of the law in Canada relating to social media and education.

A few photos were taken and are included here. There are many more references to policy development and solutions for social media challenges throughout the blog that is operated by Scott Mills. We hope that the information presented here is useful to others for social media strategy going forward.

The video was streamed on the Social Media, Internet And Law Enforcment UStream account of Lauri Stevens, the founder of , a conference designed to assist professionals in law enforcement, education, business and the community to understand and effectively utilize social media tools for success and safety.

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Social Media For Success And Safety-The Faces And Names Behind The Scenes
Teamwork: Social Media For Success And Safety | @PaisleyRae, Kevin Masterman @TPSPix, Eric Roher @ERoher, Dave Bradley @DavePicsBradley, Scott Mills @GraffitiBMXCop
Events Manager CSSN
Dave Fraser @CndnSafeSchools
School Safety Monitor Uses Facebook For School Safety Using Relationships, Technology And Partnerships With Police And Crime Stoppers
School Safety Monitor Uses Facebook For School Safety Using Relationships, Technology And Partnerships With Police And Crime Stoppers

What is Crime Stoppers International and how can anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers help with social media for success and safety policies?
Eric Roher attended at this video streamed talked by Scott Mills, Social Media Advisor for Crime Stoppers International (volunteer position) recently at the Norton Cyber Safety Expo at Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto. The archived video is posted here for reference:

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