In the studio at CBC Radio in Toronto Host Robin Brown and Cop Scott Mills

@CBCHereAndNow Radio Show Host Robin Brown | Constable Scott Mills @GraffitiBMXCop

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CBC Radio with Constable Scott Mills

This radio interview was conducted on July 27, 2011 at the CBC Building on Front Street in Toronto with Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Police Social Media Officer and radio talk show host on CBC Here And Now Robin Brown. Constable Tony Vella, Toronto Police Service Media Relations Officer was also present. Special thanks to Robin and her team at CBC Radio for sending along this MP3 clip, and to Robert Cairns ( ) for the assistance with Word Press to get the interview posted to be shared with people to engage the message.

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There is a Webdoc that is a place to share any stories or comments you have about the use of Toronto Police Service social media. The link is or you can click on the Webdoc Application button on the top left corner of the official Toronto Police Service Facebook page. The idea is to celebrate the engagement of community safety together in a ‘one stop shopping’ spot.. in order to educate others about the effectiveness of using social media collaboratively for community safety.

Thanks to Vincent ( ) and Renee ( | | ) and Jeff Pulver, founder of the 140 Character Conference ( ) for all the insight and assistance to further our collaborative knowledge about relationships and technology for community safety.

Lastly, thank you to my team at Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications who have made this vision into action.

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Special thanks to the Toronto Police Service Video Services Unit – especially Martin Blake @MartiniBlake – for always being there …

and this would never, ever have been possible without the tireless work and steadfast faith of Lauri Stevens @LAwsComm (the first person who truly believed and put the hope of the vision into ACTION! .. I will be eternally grateful to you Lauri! .. Scott

Constable Tony Vella dwarfed by Wall Portrait of CBC The National's Peter Mansbridge

Constable Tony Vella dwarfed by Wall Portrait of CBC The National's Peter Mansbridge

Tony Vella poses with huge wall portrait of Don Cherry at CBC Toronto building on Front St, Toronto

Who Has The Nicer Suit? Don Cherry or Tony Vella ?

Constable Tony Vella @OfficerVella at @CBCHereAndNow Radio Show

"Here And Now"