How To Protect Yourself Against Cyberbullying

Pro Tip: To get something removed from Google search try to contact the source to have the post removed from the Internet, then submit the dead 404 link to Google at this link. It is not as easy as it sounds. If you are still needing help you may need to seek out professional help. Hopefully this blog will give you some tips on how to do that. There is professional help available to to help remove cyberbullying posts online. Thanks to the staff at Guaranteed Removals for the advice for success and safety online in this blog post With the growth of social media’s use and popularity, there has also been a growth in reported cyber-bullying and online harassment. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter may be the main social networks used to keep in touch with friends, but they are also the most popular sites used for cyber-bullying 1. An estimated one in five Canadian Internet users age 15 to 29 reported having been cyber-bullied or cyber stalked. (Source: 2017 The Anti-Bullying survey) 2 . It’s just not young adults who are being victimized. Adults can also become targets, as 40% of adult Internet users in the United [...]

Facebook Messenger Scams

Beware of Facebook Messenger scams. Wise to have online conversations in trusted spaces Be aware of a Facebook Messenger scam that leads you to believe you are talking to a trusted Facebook friend, but they start talking about themselves receiving a large amount of cash that any senior or disabled person is eligible for delivered by a UPS courier service to the door. The conversation will start out casually then will lead to a message similar to this: "I got money from the {I.F.C.} International finance corporation grant program set up by the World Bank Group with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.." The conversation will then evolve into you being asked: "I think you should contact the claiming agent now on their text number before the program closed. Can i forward you where to contact the agent in charge?" There are many scams trying to get your personal information out there. This one is particularly dangerous because you feel that you are talking to someone who is legitimately your friend on Facebook Messenger. Online private communications is a way of life in 2018. We all take precautions to ensure our privacy. If someone is a Facebook friend with [...]

Suicide Is Preventable~All Affected & All Psychological Injuries Need To Be Included In Wording Of #C211 Legislation

Saving & Improving Lives Needs The Proper Wording In Legislation There is much buzz about "PTSD" (let's call it PTSI) in the media, and now at the Canadian Federal Parliament with a vote March 8, 2017 on Private Members' Bill C-211. Any legislation should be all inclusive of people and of all phychological diagnosis'. Saskatchewan seems to be the only Canadian jurisdiction to get this right. Read media report here about what Saskatchewan is doing. All people who have advocated for and are supporting Bill C-211 should be congratulated and have acted in good faith. However, we must do this right, and do it right the first time around, not 'get a foot in the door'. The reality is that those who experience Post Traumatic Stress see their situation as an 'injury', not a 'disorder', so the very name of Bill C-211 as the "PTSD Bill" is offensive to many, despite being drafted with the best of intentions. Paramedics/Ambulance, Police, Fire, Corrections, Military, Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers, and all people who provide services to help others should be included. There are many other psychological injuries that exist (other than PTSD), and actually are far more common than PTSI. [...]

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Tips And Tricks For Optimal Posting To Social Media

1 minute videos are suitable for posting to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Posting in native format to each social media platform results in greatest target audience engagement and reach 2016 was an interesting year for how to reach a target audience with video. It is imperative for greatest audience reach to post video to social media sites in the native format for the site to ensure maximum engagement and reach. This is being written by the same guy who has sworn by Youtube on several channels for a number of years! 2016 saw a shift in this thinking. It is still imperative to post to youtube, but for maximum reach, posting the same video in native format to a facebook page, a twitter account, and a shorter version to Instagram is a wise choice. In addition, every post that is not a video, needs to have a picture posted with it for maximum engagement! This can't be stressed enough. Here are some tips and tricks: 1. If you need to 'rip' a youtube video for posting to other sites, a great free tool is Be sure to that you have the copyright rights to the video. [...]

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All welcome to @EndStigma at Dinner~Waterfalls Illumination~Hike~Campfire #OneBraveNight #SunriseSelfies

For #OneBraveNight Friday May 13, 2016 Join Team One Love and Team Damoff For A Waterfalls Illumination, Hike and Campfire #SunriseSelfies to raise awareness/funds for mental health and end stigma If you wish to attend #OneBraveNight with Team One Love and/or Team Damoff and are worried about timings and a ride, please email Scott Mills and arrangements can be made to pick you up at a west end GO Train station when you are able to arrive. Arrangements will also be made to get you home after sunrise. We realize not everyone can make it to all the stops on our One Brave Night but want everyone to feel included and welcome! This all started with my friend Liz Lambert posting on social media she wanted to participate in #OneBraveNight, and has now grown to reach many more people, with a number of opportunities. Our goal is to minimize stress, maximum people attending & enjoying the night, maximum social media engagement and maximum donations! Read more below to follow the planned events and hopefully participate in person or online where you can! To donate to Team One Love click here: Click here for the facebook event/map [...]

Tips & Tricks For Facebook & Youtube Video Including ‘360 Video’

Read here to see what works for your needs with Facebook and/or Youtube video So what is the best in 2016 for video?... Youtube or Facebook? You will have to decide on your own depending on your purpose and audience. Read on for some tips and tricks on downloading, engagement examples and 360 video. Youtube videos have been a passion of for a number of years engaging in relationships and technology strategy for success and safety. BMX, Graffiti, Crime Stoppers, SMILE Conference, Police, and whatever else that presented an opportunity for a video or a live stream has attracted my attention. Tried to count one day and realized that over 5,000 videos were in one way or another on youtube that my long list of broken cameras once had a lens on! It all comes down to content being king. It doesn't matter what platform you are on..if you are posting content that people want to see the people will come to where the video is posted if they want to see it! Many people I collaborate with on social media are interested in 'pushing' a video. Once upon a time I was all about youtube and youtube [...]

Planning For A Social Media Campaign & Power of One! #DontStreamAndDrive Day Is Everyday

April 8, 2016 is #DontStreamAndDrive Day Click here to watch a cop tell a woman on Periscope #DontStreamAndDrive The power of one using social for good is incredible in 2016. The #DontStreamAndDrive campaign hopefully will educate people and change behaviours to save lives. Great initiative April 8, 2016 by disruptive thinker, police social media advocate and independent social media consultant known online as "The Custody Sergeant" to educate our world about the dangers of streaming/watching video on mobile devices when driving. When I woke up this morning I had completely forgotten about the important social media campaign organized by a UK cop passionate about using social media to save lives. A great feature of this initiative was that it was organized on Thunderclap, which allowed for the people already listening and engaging with the UK cop for success and safety to sign up to 'donate a social media post' in advance for the day of the initiative. When I checked my own twitter timeline this morning I already had posted something supporting the #DontStreamAndDrive initiative, and so had a traffic savvy Toronto Police colleague @ReconGeni Pls consider a share & pledge to never livestream & drive & never [...]

The Vagina Monologues~Flato Markham Theatre~International Women’s Day #IWD2016

International Women's Day 2016 was celebrated in fine style on February 29, 2016 as Angel Freedman Directed/Produced Eve Ensler's "The Vagina Monologues" at the Flato Markham Theatre Amazing celebration of International Women's Day 2016 occurred at the Flato Markham Theatre Monday February 29, 2016. Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues was presented, directed/produced by tireless community social justice advocate Angel Freedman. A few photos are posted here and can be used/shared by anyone (no permission required) The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler Monday February 29, 2016. Directed/Produced by Angel FreedmanPosted by ScottMills on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 Watch the performance on archived Youtube Live here:

[Blog] What Is Social Alchemy? & Why It Is Important For Social Media Professionals

Social alchemy is transforming something bad into something good. People who facilitate social alchemy are referred to as alchemists. Aurora, Ontario Post Traumatic Stress advocate Kate Gille has become an alchemist, and she may not even know it! The goal of this blog post is to educate others to engage in the concept of social alchemy, especially on social media where so much negativity can happen. Let's take it to a positive in person dialogue. "Together we are stronger". The Future : The Past for @GraffitiBMXCop @TorontoPolice— Kate Gillie (@KateGillieART) August 21, 2015 The concept of social alchemy first came to my attention in 2009 during a presentation at Humber College Lakeshore Campus in Professor Arthur Lockhart's Criminal Justice Studies class that I was doing with graffiti artist Jessey Pacho. It was pointed out by Professor Lockhart that both Jessey and I were practicing alchemists and we didn't even know it! Since that time, the concept of social alchemy is something I have tried to incorporate consciously into my daily work life managing Toronto Police Service social media accounts. Watch the Art's explanation of social alchemy here: As the Toronto Police Service Social Media Officer, my daily job involves [...]

Periscope Test~Nunavut Teens Join Toronto Graffiti Artists For Street Art Mural

Story by Ganka Nagarajah Youth In Policing Summer Student Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications Constable Scott Mills, Toronto Police Service Social Media Officer Mural in progress at 76 Church St Toronto.. To be continued! To follow progress check website Follow progress of mural at 76 Church St, Toronto and Teen Artists from Cape Dorset Nunavut have teamed up with Toronto Graffiti Artists for a great mural at 76 Church St, Toronto. Follow the progress online at Periscope is all the rage in video in 2015. We decided to do some tests on an official Toronto Police Periscope account in the Toronto Police Service Corporate Communications office on Tuesday July 7, 2015 during an orientation to social media training session with our Youth In Policing Initiative student. Our first test was with social media specialist Rob Cairns as he visited our office briefly. He was talking to us about Instagram photos now being high definition, so we tried a periscope video.. and it worked! We had 24 live viewers and within 2 minutes 54 people had checked out the archived video! Concerns were that we would not be AODA compliant, as [...]