2012 11 27 10.24.27 300x225 Its About The Conversation, Not The Quality Hangouts #HO & Hangouts On Air #HOA Audio & Camera Gear That Works For Cheap

Mike Downes Is A Valuable Google Plus Hangouts On Air Specialist

Social Media Google HangoutsOnAir Set Up 300x225 Its About The Conversation, Not The Quality Hangouts #HO & Hangouts On Air #HOA Audio & Camera Gear That Works For Cheap

Live Streaming Using Google Plus Hangouts On Air Is “About The Conversation”

Google Plus Hangouts On Air has made reaching people with timely and effective messages face to face very quick and efficient if you have some simple gear, and a willingness to learn.

Getting good quality video and audio when the opportunity presents itself is the key.

I will add to this post periodically with little tips of information that will help the average person accomplish their hangout and hangout on air goals. Many people have helped me with improving the quality of video and audio. Thanks the everyone. Mike Downes from England has helped me in a timely and effective way many times. Two co-workers have significantly contributed to everyday improvements Kevin Masterman, the Toronto Police Service Media And Communications Coordinator and our Toronto Police Service webmaster, who doesn’t wish to be identified, but who I will call “Dr. Gru” as I continue to update! Lastly, it was very much an honour to meet a legend with Hangouts & Hangouts On Air Loren Groves. Loren’s key message is “Hangouts are about the conversation, not the quality”. Amen! I have been criticized for quality of videos for years! To hear a man who has sat in a room with the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu with his live streaming gear doing a hangout say this statement validates all the work we have done since 2007 for community success and safety for Toronto Crime Stoppers appeals and community events, Toronto Police, Toronto BMX, Graffiti Community Building, SMILE Conference, Crime Stoppers International, Ontario Gang Investigators Association, Bronte Business Improvement Association and the Polar Bear Dip

A list of my gear: (many videos of tests I have been involved in directly and videos of random events for learning can be seen by clicking here)

Macbook Pro laptop (mine has a 15″ screen)

Sennheiser EW100 ENG G3 Combo with Bonus E835 Handheld Mic (approx $850)

Samsung Galaxy II

Internet Stick

Internet LAN cable (using a hard line gives most reliable results, but wifi and LTE stick or tethering from Android phone Internet works well)

Extension cord and power bar

Logitec C920 webcam
a microphone stand with a clip to hold the webcam is very helpful (having 2 stands helps if you are taking audio feed with the stick mic off the main speakers)

When all else fails, my pocket Canon Power Shot ELPH100HS with a 32mb SD card works great…. then edit the footage with iMovie on the Macbook pro

More updates to come.. so visit this post often….